Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Carnivorous Cuties (aka meat lovers)!

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Choosing a Valentine's Day gift for a meat lover is fun. Here are some ideas that will cater to their carnivorous preferences:

Gourmet Steak Selection: Gift them a selection of high-quality grass-fed steaks, such as ribeye, filet mignon, or New York strip.

Grilling Accessories: Consider getting them grilling accessories like a premium set of barbecue tools, a meat thermometer, or even a personalized apron for their outdoor cooking adventures.

Meat Subscription Box: Subscribe them to the Angus Beef of the Month Club that delivers a variety of grass-fed and finished angus beef right to their doorstep. This is a unique and tasty gift.

Cooking Class or Experience: Arrange for a cooking class or experience focused on meat preparation. It could be a barbecue workshop, a steak grilling class, or a charcuterie-making session. In Central Oregon check out Kindred Creative Kitchen, Cascade Culinary Institute, Ingredient Studio, Arome and Kara’s Kitchenware. In Portland: Cookshop, Cooking with Company, Cookin’ Class, and Hipcooks.

Customized Meat Board: Personalize a charcuterie or cutting board with their name or a special message. This adds a thoughtful touch to their meat-serving presentations. 

Snackable Beef Jerky: Gift delicious all natural grass-fed beef jerky, and if your valentine likes it hot, go for the sriracha.

Steakhouse Gift Card: Treat them to a night out at a steakhouse. Here are some Central Oregon ideas: Bos Taurus, Rancher Butcher Chef, or Brickhouse (Bend or Redmond). Portland steakhouse ideas for Valentine’s Day: Ox, RingSide Steakhouse, The Steakhouse at 9900, or The Observatory.

Valentine gift ideas for meat loves

Meat-themed Apparel: Find fun and quirky clothing items related to their love for meat. This could include T-shirts with meat-related slogans or humorous aprons for the kitchen.  

Smoker or Grill Upgrade: If they love outdoor cooking, consider upgrading their smoker or grill. Look for features that enhance the grilling experience, such as temperature control or additional cooking space.

Cookbook for meat lovers

Cookbook with Meat Recipes: Gift them a cookbook featuring a variety of meat-centric recipes. Choose one from a renowned chef or focus on a specific cuisine that highlights meat dishes.  

Remember to consider their specific preferences, whether they enjoy grilling, smoking, or simply savoring different types of meat. Personalizing the gift based on their taste can make it even more special.

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